Bluefin Robotics manufactures custom and off-the-shelf pressure tolerant lithium polymer batteries for global defense, commercial and scientific markets. The batteries are specialized and designed to operate in the world’s harshest environment: the deep ocean.

Each battery is made of pressure tolerant modules aligned to meet system electrical demands. Whether a standard Bluefin battery or a client specified custom pack, all Bluefin batteries use the same core technology – the “Quanta” to optimize energy density. 

Due to the Quanta’s flexible design architecture, Bluefin is able to provide power for a wide spectrum of subsea applications. This includes stand-alone, submergible batteries or fully integrated power systems.

Technician insterting battery.


Key facts:

  • Can withstand 10,000 psi (~6,000m depth) or about 95% of the world’s ocean depths
  • Undergo a proprietary manufacturing/quality processes to ensure that each battery is robust, reliable and can survive multiple pressure cycles
  • As a result of rigorous process and stringent quality evaluations, Bluefin has achieved U.N. 38.3 approval for air transportation on many batteries and has performed exceptionally in U.S. Navy (9310-SG270) testing for individual Defense programs


1.5 kWh Battery Packs 


Fully Submersible

  • Designed for direct submergence in water in any orientation
  • No need for a pressure vessel

High Energy Density

  • Lithium-polymer chemistry for extremely high energy density
  • Impressive cycle life and performance


  • Ease of battery replacement in
    the field


  • Fully automated charging system
  • Recharges in less than 6 hours


1.8 kWh Battery


  • Deep-rated pressure-tolerant design
  • Stainless steel, two-part housing
  • Safety burst disk
  • Metal shell connectors
  • Independent compensators
  • Over pressure valve


Client-tailored or otherwise customized battery examples:

Customized 5 /.7 kWh Battery

  • Designed for an oil and gas services company
  • Designed for UPS functionality in an underwater valve application
  • At 0.5kWh, this is the smallest battery that Bluefin manufacturers
  • Stackable to 150V
  • Reconfigurable  - 12V to 32V
  • Designed for low cost production using molded parts
  • Addresses perceived market demand for smaller form factor batteries

Proteus SDV 148kWh Battery Pack

  • Bluefin has designed and manufactured a 148kWh battery system for the Proteus SDV
  • The design uses the same modular battery architecture as the 1.5kWh batteries
  • Both the 30V and 240V buses for electronics and propulsion are produced using the same form factor battery
  • The battery system uses 640 of the Bluefin quanta
  • Re-use of the safety and control electronics architecture


Modular  - 8.8 kWhr, 168V Pack

  • The 8.8 kWhr pack is manufactured using the same quanta technology
  • Quanta can be replaced in a matter of hours should a cell develop low capacity or high impedance short


SandShark™ battery

Currently has two different sizes:

  • 75Wh battery
    • Does not require hazmat training or UN certification to be shipped
  • 250Wh battery
    • UN certified and can be shipped via air by hazmat trained personnel
Benefits include: 

  • Untrained personnel can ship via ground, rail or sea
  • Full stand-alone BMS system and Passive Thermal Management

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