Bluefin Robotics Awarded Five Delivery Orders from the U.S. Navy for Ship Hull Inspection Vehicles to Improve Harbor and Force Protection

QUINCY, Mass. (Dec. 14, 2015)—The U.S. Navy recently awarded five delivery orders to Bluefin Robotics for vehicles that will increase the Navy's capability to remotely search and investigate ship hulls,... Read the full post »


Neptune nets AUV services contract from Woodside

Neptune will utilise its Bluefin 21 AUV survey platform to collect high resolution Multi Beam Echo sounder (MBES), Side Scan Sonar (SSS) and Sub Bottom Profiler (SBP) data. Read the full... Read the full post »


Battelle’s OceanHub operates like underwater garage, recharging batteries and transmitting data

OceanHub™ could be integrated onto a variety of UUVs, like, Proteus, the dual-mode underwater vehicle which is powered through gigantic lithium polymer batteries that can be recharged in this underwater garage. Read the full post »


Is This Semi-Autonomous Mini Submarine The SEALs' Next Super Weapon?

Meet Proteus, the brainchild of Huntington Ingalls Underwater Solutions Group, Bluefin Robotics and Battelle. This streamlined mini-sub goes far beyond being just another swimmer delivery vehicle, it is a “dual-mode”... Read the full post »


Bluefin technology featured in Unmanned Vehicles article.

From mine countermeasures to hull inspection operations, UUV payloads provide valuable capabilities to naval forces around the globe and ensure greater operator safety. Read full post. Read the full post »


Bluefin Robotics delivers Ship Hull Inspection Systems 4 and 5 to the U.S. Navy

QUINCY, Mass.—(April 20, 2015) Bluefin Robotics has successfully delivered new vehicles to the United States Navy that will increase the Navy's capability to remotely search and investigate ship hulls, harbor... Read the full post »


Sea-Air-Space 2015 - Proteus Dual Mode Underwater Vehicle

Read Xavier Vavasseur’s take on Proteus as written in a recent Navy Recognition article. Read the full post »


Minisub a Hit At Navy Expo

Chris Cavas writes about Proteus in this Defense News article. Read the full post »


USG Shows Off its Optionally-Manned Proteus Mini-Submarine

Defense Tech highlights Proteus in this article written by Matt Cox. Read the full post »


Huntington Ingalls looks in new directions with Proteus

Read about the unique Proteus and Bluefin’s role in its development as featured in Stars and Stripes. Read the full post »

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