Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA)

Rapid Environmental Assessment is the collection of time-critical information required for the military decision maker. Using ship-based and expendable sensors to collect this data is the most common practice. However, this practice is labor and capital intensive, requiring a dedicated ship or manned platform. AUVs are capable of covert introduction into the area of operations. They can be delivered by air, surface or sub-surface platforms and transit into areas that manned platforms may not.

AUVs can collection critical information for the decision maker including:

  • Bottom type and composition
  • Bathymetric data
  • Oceanographic data
  • Current and tidal information
  • Turbulence
  • Ambient noise
  • Presence of obstacles and mines

In the future, AUVs will be a part of a larger system of systems where air, surface, and sub-surface manned and unmanned platforms collect and transmit data for a comprehensive and rapid representation of the environment.

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Bluefin products that address this application include: