Environmental Protection and Monitoring

AUVs are ideal platforms for deploying sensors to collect oceanographic data and monitor the ocean environment. They provide two important capabilities that other collection methodologies do not: access to a larger portion of the undersea realm, and independence from surface conditions once launched. A full range of undersea sensors can be incorporated into AUVs to allow targeted data collection using specific sensors or general observation using multiple sensors.

AUVs demonstrate their worth in harsh environments, such as under ice or in the deepest reaches of the oceans. They provide a level of persistence and ease of operation needed for long-term monitoring tasks. AUVs demonstrate great utility in observing waterway effluent, discharges from industrial sites, the impact and breadth of oil, gas and mineral exploitation activities, and benthic populations. In any portion of the water column, AUVs provide an unparalleled in-situ presence.

AUVs extend the coverage of environmental monitoring far more efficiently and immediately than traditional surface-borne, manpower-intensive systems. Multiple systems can be employed simultaneously for real-time observation over vast expanses of the ocean. This differentiates AUVs from moored or floating systems and enables the re-tasking of AUV assets while deployed to respond to new events or phenomena. 

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Bluefin products addressing this application include: