Working on AUV sea-sideBluefin Robotics develops, builds, and operates Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and related technologies for defense, commercial, and scientific customers worldwide. We offer a full range of modular, free-flooded AUV platforms. Using a core set of building blocks, we have designed over 50 different configurations. This includes over 70 different sensors on over 80 AUVs—far more than any other manufacturer.

In 1997, Bluefin was founded by a core group of engineers from the MIT AUV Laboratory. Today, the Bluefin team brings a unique set of skills and experience to market. We continue to apply hard-won expertise in the application of advanced materials, systems, and technologies to real-life operating conditions. Bluefin is a full AUV lifecycle provider offering research and development, technology integration, full-scale manufacturing, platform training, and operations support. No other provider has our depth and breadth of expertise and resources dedicated exclusively to AUV development and production.


In 2005, Bluefin became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Battelle Memorial Institute. Battelle is a global science and technology enterprise that develops and commercializes technology and manages laboratories for customers. Battelle oversees a staff of 22,000 scientists, engineers, and support specialists and conducts $6.2 billion in annual research and development. For more on Battelle, please visit www.battelle.org.


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